Frequently Asked Questions



Why can't I download music on my device?

This site offers mp3 files for download. Some devices may have problems downloading mp3s. Please refer to your device's manufacturer for assistance.


I can download other music on my iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch, but I'm having trouble on this site. Why?

iOS does not utilize a user filesystem, making it impossible to download mp3s to iOS in the same manner as other devices. You could download to a Mac and transfer to iTunes on your iOS device. Alternatively, you could download to an application, such as Dropbox and listen from that application.

See this article for more information on transferring from iTunes.





How can I license music from Studio 7 Music?

Purchasing the FOUNDATIONS SERIES from Studio 7 Music buys you the right to reproduce copies of that purchase.  See more about this on the FOUNDATIONS Licensing Statement.

Other music may have different licensing requirements.  Please note the licensing agreement at the time of purchase.

How did Studio 7 Music get it's name?

The number 7 seems to come up where ever I turn, with the most recent significance being the street number of my personal music studio.




Why create the FOUNDATIONS Method?

There are two main reasons:

·        Until now, practicing the fundamental scales and chords could be tedious and boring.  FOUNDATIONS adds a duet part to each exercise, making practice fun and more interesting!  This is a great way to keep the student engaged, and also encourage their creativity which, in turn, will keep them in lessons longer.   Learn more ways to use the duet part here.

·        How we learn, play and perform music has evolved, so the methods we use must evolve as well.  The FOUNDATIONS series provides exercises to teach all the basic fundamentals for music instruction, while discovering and understanding the key to contemporary chord charts using classical theory.   See more about how the ways we play have changed.

Can I make copies of the exercises in the FOUNDATIONS books?

Yes, but only for your personal use.  See the FOUNDATIONS Licensing Statement for complete information on this.

Which format should I purchase - the book or the PDF download?

The books are a handy reference tool – like having an encyclopedia of exercises at your fingertips.  Books are methodically organized by type and key, for easy retrieval of the exact exercise that you want to use.  And, as with the PDF download, you are given license to make an unlimited number of copies for your direct students.

The PDF download has the exact same exercises as the books, but has the added benefit of providing the books electronically, making them available wherever you have computer access to your saved files – quick and easy to print from when you need a particular exercise.  If you’re short on time, the PDF format is available for immediate download when purchased here.