More about licensing...


The uniqueness of the Foundations program lies in the licensing granted to you, the purchaser, by the writer, designer and publisher of this program.  This licensing is designed to enable you, as a teacher, to offer a cost effective or free written method for your students to learn scales, chords and other fundamentals for piano.  You may elect to brand a binder for your teaching studio and make as many copies of the music as you like for distribution to your personal students.  You may even sell the binder with your branding and the foundations music inside as an additional revenue source for your business, but this may only be be sold to your personal students.  This program is designed to be a tool for you, so please do not abuse this offer.  Our website will have updated ideas for branding and resources to assist you in using this program to enhance your teaching as well as help provide an ongoing revenue stream for your business and an affordable system for your students.


In purchasing the foundations music method, you are granted a full license to reproduce any of the music contained in the program.  Reproduction copies may be used for your personal instructional purposes or performances.  Resale of this program for commercial purposes outside of your teaching studio is not allowed without written permission from the publisher.  Please keep all copyright and author information intact when making copies for your students.  This license for reproduction is only granted to the purchaser of the program and is not transferable.


You may only make or use copies while you own a master copy of the program.  You must be in possession of at least one of the following in order to produce or supply copies to your students:  the foundations volume hardcopy which contains the master of any copies made, the flash drive originally purchased through Studio 7 Music, or a purchase receipt for download of an original master.  Please do not abuse this program by making copies for friends or other teachers.  If someone needs assistance in purchasing the program, please let us know and we will be more than happy to work with them to find an assistance option available to purchase the program.  Anyone using copies of the Foundations program must have a purchased original in their possession or be a student of a teacher who owns the Foundations program.  Following these guidelines will assist us in continuing to write, produce and offer additional music with unlimited licensing in the future.