Chord chart? What does that shorthand scribble even MEAN?!

I barely remember my first teacher and definitely don't remember learning to read music.  I have just ALWAYS read music.  It is like reading words for me.  Thank you to my Momma for starting that habit at a young age!  I never played by ear when I was younger.  I didn't need to.  Music was always written out very specifically and if it was in front of me, I could figure out how to play it by simply reading the notes and having my fingers press the correct keys.  It was a very clean and organized process and it was what I knew.

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Attitude and Perspective

There is a choice each morning I get to make the moment I wake up.  It has to do with clothing.  I get to choose how I will clothe myself for the day.  Will it be with joy and peace or struggle and angst? Will I approach the day as glass half full or half empty? Smile or frown? Because, really, it is our CHOICE as to how we experience the day.  From which perspective we approach each opportunity and circumstance from. It seems like an obvious choice but if I don’t INTENTIONALLY CHOOSE the joy route, I typically end up on the angst path.  So today, I chose joy.  Much easier and more pleasant way to walk through this day.  And hoping that tomorrow morning, I remember to make the same choice. Peace.


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Announcing the FOUNDATIONS Series

For anyone who took traditional piano lessons as a child, do you remember how much youloved playing scales when you were growing up?  For me, scales were something that I had to play but never once enjoyed.  I wasn't really ever sure why it was necessary or what the purpose was.  I only knew that at the beginning of every lesson, there was an obligatory scale.

As a teacher, my greatest desire was that my students would love and enjoy playing piano.  I didn't want them to feel bogged down with mundane exercises that they didn't enjoy and likely would never practice.  The goal was to make learning piano engaging and fun.

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Amy's 'Ah-Ha'

Have you ever experienced a moment in your life that something just became so crystal clear??  I have had a few of those in my life.  Where a revelation came so strongly that it felt like the sky opened up and angels appeared singing ‘Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh”.  You know that moment.

That happens for me most often in music.  Especially in writing. 

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