This song from Piano Peace WINTER is dedicated, with love, to Sweet Remy.

Piano Peace Winter
By Amy Neal McClintock

Remy Grace Vanderpool

This song from the Piano Peace WINTER is dedicated with love, to Sweet Remy.



I met Roxanne Vanderpool at Jessamine Christian Church. Together with Heather Summers, the three of us sang as a trio, and it was just a heavenly combination of spirit! Roxanne was pregnant with Remy at the time. So, in a way, Remy was singing with us too!

But now they've discovered that Remy is battling a very serious disease. Even at her young age, this precious young sister inspires me so much because of what a fighter she is! Roxanne has been posting pictures and videos of Remy during her bone marrow transplant and recovery. She has tubes and ports yet keeps this sweet smile on her face, and even dances in her crib!!!  I had just watched a video of her when a melody came into my head. This melody developed into the song that you can listen to on the player above, Remy Strong, and it became the final cut on my new Piano Peace WINTER CD

You can see more about Remy, and be part of the movement to show support for the family, by using the Facebook and GoFundMe links on the right of this page. And please keep Remy and this loving family in your thoughts and prayers - clearly this child is meant for something amazing!