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Foundations Student Method Book 3


The FOUNDATIONS Series is a 7 volume set of scales, chords, inversions, arpeggios and other fundamental exercises for piano.  The set is a comprehensive reference tool to be used by music teachers to provide a solid foundation of piano proficiency for their students.

The FOUNDATIONS STUDENT METHOD is the companion book for students. It is a collection of exercises compiled from the original FOUNDATIONS Series and organized into three semesters.  

Book 3 Scales and Chords explores E, B, Ab and Db Majors.  There are 48 exercises to help learn and reinforce the fundamental patterns for these scales and chords.

There are two great reasons to choose FOUNDATIONS.  First, these fundamental exercises will provide a solid base for any music instruction.  Second, the secundo (duet) parts that are included with each exercise make learning fun and engaging.  The student has an opportunity to play duets with the teacher - or other students - taking what might be a dry, repetitive exercise and turning it into an interesting musical collaboration.

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